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Participant Agreement

Everyone 18 or older is required to sign a participant agreement before they go.  The legal guardian needs to sign the participant agreement for minors under 18.  If an adult has an under 18 year old child who is not their child - the childs legal guardian is required to sign the agreement for the adult to bring with them, no exceptions. One participant agreement per person is needed.
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About Us



To provide each guest with a safe, awe-inspiring and fun snowmobile adventure. We tailor our tours to all ages and abilities, ranging from pure beginners to more advanced riders. Our goal is to provide a positively memorable experience in which guests will spread the word around the globe that Grand Adventures is, not only a check mark off the bucket list, but something to come back for year after year. 

GA Staff Photo 2013-14


Here at Grand Adventures, we are a family. Each employee plays an important role in the present and future success of our business. By working together, we can make an even better tomorrow. 


Whatever...Whenever. We will do our best to customize any tour for our guests, from birthday parties to proposals on the mountains and wedding ceremonies; we'll do our best to help make that special day even better. 



Want to be a part of the Grand Adventures team? To request an application please click the Apply Now link below. Once you have completed the application please email or mail it back to us.





AMpa      "Ampa" (Steve Cook) 
      Fish Wrangler                                                                                        
      Former Home Builder & Rockstar                                                                                                                                     



BrandonKingcookie     "Cookie" (Brandon King)
      Origin: "The Region" in Northern Indiana
      Snowmobile guide by Winter, raft guide by Summer 

  • JakeWiley    Jake Wiley                                                                                 
        Full-time snowboarder and snowmobiler                                                 
        Oh yeah, you can find him on the river in the Summer

         Mr. Henry (Jed)734279 574994950310 910164240 n
          Prepares his lunches on his engine (Pizza pockets to chicken cordon bleu)
          A true cowboy



    Jo      Jo 
          Favorite word: "Awesome."
          Dad to the sweetest dog on the mountain


     JonRaevsky2     Jon Raevsky
          Pure Mountain Man                                                 
          River master by Summer 

    Lance2    Lance Ward 
         GoPro Artisan
         You can find him shreddin' the mountain   


      rsz 1mattmockler      Matt Mockler 
            Makes electricity come alive (Lineman)                                                                                           
            Funny man                                                                               


    Nick1       Nick King 
           Former Hoosier (Yep, Cookie & Nick are bro's) 


    steve      "Snowmobile Steve" (Steven Willis)
          Famous line: "Oh Yeah!" 


       Will  "White Water Willie" (Will Harding)
         Favorite Trail: The one I'm on."
         Snowboarder / X-country skier                                                                                 

    • This is the most fun we’ve ever had.  Our guide was terrific and the kids were asking if we could go again the next day.  Everyone agrees that driving through the trees was absolutely awesome." 
      The Jewett’s, FL
    • "Excellent guide very safe, very fun and very personal."
      The Schuermann's, OK
    • "The guide was awesome even when I got stuck! First timer for me and my daughter - we loved it!"
      The Rainer's, KS
    • "Awesome!"
      The Shaffett's, MS
    • "Guides are friendly, fun and showed us a great time!!"
      The Glenn's, SC
    • "Everything was great! Through the trees was my favorite thing."
      The Ashe's, LA
    • "Fantastic and Beautiful.."
      The George's
    • "Great guide!! Great trip!"
      The Johnson's
    • "That was the most fun EVER! I still have a smile plastered to my face!"
      The Ebert's, CO
    • "It was a blast!"
      The Egert's
    • "Awesome snowmobile tour!"
      The Rundell's, FL
    • "The guide did an excellent job with our group!"
      The Oliver's, TN
    • "Friendly reservation people - very flexible...Terrific guide - Made our trip very fun.."
      The Henley's, GA
    • "Great! Our tour guide was fabulous. He was very fun and energetic. Gave us a lot of good information."
      The Lozoya, TX
    • "Best tour guide I have ever had!"
      The Watkins, TX

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