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Winter Park & Fraser Valley Guided Tours

fraser-1Trailblazer Tour (Approx 2Hr): "The Local's Favorite!"
Want to get away from the crowds? Don't miss this exciting mountain riding tour on varied terrain through the Arapaho National Forest. Explore powder meadows, ridge tops and cruiser trails through the trees. Look down the Vasquez Cirque from our highest trail and enjoy a panoramic view of the Continental Divide, Rocky Mountain National Park and Fraser Valley. Or check out a spectacular view of Gore Range from a vantage point in Church’s Park. Great for all ages and abilities.  Don't miss this customer favorite!!

Trailblazer Tour 1 Hour Tour: Family tour *NEW*

Experience our newest tour, designed specifically for families with young children or those looking for a shorter experience than our 2 hour tour provides.  This tour encompasses mainly trail riding with beautiful spots along the way for photos.  This tour is great for families with little ones who get cold or tucker out easily and still want to enjoy a backcountry experience with scenic views.

Continental Divide Adventure (Approx 2Hr): 

The most popular snowmobile tour in the state is also Grand County’s only adventure tour to the Continental Divide. The tour is for all abilities on wide regularly groomed trails. We follow the Historic “Moffat” railroad route to Corona Pass (weather permitting). Tours can top outwp-guided-2 at nearly 12,000 feet with views of the entire Winter park Ski area and the Fraser Valley.  Guides will customize your descent to the base with a blend of exciting “single track” trails in the forest, open meadows and groomed trails. Guides are equipped and trained to offer you a fun and enjoyable experience. Ideal for the beginner riders and families looking to experience Colorado’s Back country on a snowmobile.  

The 3Hr Tour -
Groups (minimum of 4 snowmobiles) who want to take a longer sojourn through the backcountry. All tours will experience the Continental Divide and other trails in the Winter Park area.

What to wear snowmobiling:
Dress in layers. Bring ski wear, gloves, and goggles for eye protection. Also, neck gator, scarves and or face mask are nice to have. Boots and DOT certified helmets are provided. Don't forget a camera, sunscreen and bottled water. We do have some items for sale on site.

fraser-2Advanced Adventure Tour (4Hr):
For those riders who want to experience more of Colorado’s backcountry and see places only our guides know about, and for those who want to learn how to ride off the groomed trails in endless powder fields without the worry of getting lost or stranded, this is the trip for you. We will explore the Vasquez Mountain and Church’s Park area. Riders must be intermediate to advanced. We ride the latest and advanced lightweight powder machines. We provide, at no extra cost, suits, boots and full face “snow cross” style helmets. Guides will stop at the most scenic areas and will spend extra time instructing everyone how and where to ride. Advance reservation and minimum of 4 drivers required. Single Riders ONLY. This tour can be run at our Winter Park, Fraser Valley, or Grand Lake locations and is subject to change based on conditions and availability.

Fraser Valley Map

  • This is the most fun we’ve ever had.  Our guide was terrific and the kids were asking if we could go again the next day.  Everyone agrees that driving through the trees was absolutely awesome." 
    The Jewett’s, FL
  • "Excellent guide very safe, very fun and very personal."
    The Schuermann's, OK
  • "The guide was awesome even when I got stuck! First timer for me and my daughter - we loved it!"
    The Rainer's, KS
  • "Awesome!"
    The Shaffett's, MS
  • "Guides are friendly, fun and showed us a great time!!"
    The Glenn's, SC
  • "Everything was great! Through the trees was my favorite thing."
    The Ashe's, LA
  • "Fantastic and Beautiful.."
    The George's
  • "Great guide!! Great trip!"
    The Johnson's
  • "That was the most fun EVER! I still have a smile plastered to my face!"
    The Ebert's, CO
  • "It was a blast!"
    The Egert's
  • "Awesome snowmobile tour!"
    The Rundell's, FL
  • "The guide did an excellent job with our group!"
    The Oliver's, TN
  • "Friendly reservation people - very flexible...Terrific guide - Made our trip very fun.."
    The Henley's, GA
  • "Great! Our tour guide was fabulous. He was very fun and energetic. Gave us a lot of good information."
    The Lozoya, TX
  • "Best tour guide I have ever had!"
    The Watkins, TX

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